www.ltofbrLive it.Strap on your state-of-the-art lightweight vest. Double-check that your phaser is armed and ready. Try to keep your heart from racing as the music swells. Finally, as a wave of fog rolls in and fills the room, ask yourself one question: Does this really feel like a game?We don’t play around when it comes to laser tag. Using the industry’s latest technology, you can truly become a part of the laser tag experience in our 7,500 square foot arena, which is only part of the largest stand-alone laser tag in Baton Rouge and the entire Gulf South. Come by anytime – we run a new public game every 20 minutes – or become a member to enjoy special missions like Space Marines, Capture the Flag and so much more. It’s laser tag like Baton Rouge has never seen.

Owners: Davor and Patricia Franicevich
5871 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Website: http://www.ltofbr.com
Facebook Site: http://www.facebook.com/LaserTagofBatonRouge
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/ltofbr

Size: 21,000 Sq. ft.
Indoor FEC/Laser Tag Center
Game Zone/Arcade – 41 Games (66% Redemption)

Other Attractions:
Birthday Party Rooms
Laser Tag
Redemption Prize Center
Snack Bar/Cafe
Corporate Meeting Rooms/Observation Deck with PODS


Davor Franicevich, owner/operator of Laser Tag of Baton Rouge, has been dedicated to giving children and their families a high-tech and safe environment to play in and have fun. Sporting the largest and most advanced arena in the Gulf South, the building needed an arcade to match. For seven years the company had rented its arcade games from an outside vendor, leaving little control over the maintenance and quality of the games. In April of 2012, Davor decided to take matters in to his own hands. Along with substantial renovations to the facility, he purchased over 40 new arcade games to fill the facility with. It was new beginnings for the store with renovations inside and out. The facility’s exterior was given a fresh, eye-catching color scheme with new lighting and signage. The country’s leading air brush designer was brought in to carry the space-age, starship theme throughout the building. The observation deck was overhauled with new carpeting and PODS (Phaser Observation Deck Stations), a concept created by Davor himself as a way for the children too young and small for Laser Tag to still participate in a fun and safe environment. With the addition of the company’s own arcade games, the ability to bring prizes to the children was an opportunity that could not be passed up. Old, unused counter space was removed to make room for a redemption counter filled with toys and candies. Davor is perhaps the one business owner to take in to account the demand of his customers when it comes to the prizes at the redemption counter and some of the arcade games themselves, which he made even more user friendly. Tokens have been turned in to virtual credits that are added to “arcade cards” at registers by the employees. Lost tokens and coin jams have become a thing of the past which means games are down for maintenance less and customers can spend more time just enjoying the games. Davor reinvests money in the company continuously each year when he closes the store for one week for maintenance, ensuring that both quality and safety are being supplied to the customers. However, in addition to his annual maintenance, he reinvested over $250,000 into the facility in April alone. These investments will continue throughout the company’s future in the community, as there are current plans to renovate the second level eating area to make room for more games and attractions. Laser Tag of Baton Rouge has been and will continue to be a company that thinks of its customers first.


5871 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Laser Tag of Baton Rouge


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