Family Entertainment Center Layout & Design

Alpha-Omega Sales specializes in game room and facility design. With nearly 50 years of experience in game and attraction selection, we can assist you in updating your existing arcade or family entertainment center to maximize profits and enhance customer satisfaction. Planning a new project?  Our experienced staff can guide you from beginning to end. Our consulting arm, Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM), gives you access to a large array of services that include : initial site inspections, feasibility studies, market studies, site selection, equipment selection, redemption center planning, employee and operator training, as well as marketing, design and theming.

Facility Design
Once an appropriate site has been selected, we will assist you in determining the most efficient method of utilizing budgeted equipment within the confines of the premises or develop a layout plan by which to establish building size (new construction).

Operating Layout
The staging and positioning of amusement equipment is critical in providing the proper flow of patrons and will substantially impact the performance of the attraction investments. We will develop the most effective layout plan for your site, which include not only the games and attractions, but may also include the positioning of administrative areas, control facilities, and food concessions. Specific emphasis will be placed on appearance and functionality as well as ease of change in future periods. We shall work alongside the project’s architects and planners to ensure that our findings remain consistent with the facility’s physical structure.

Preparation of Electrical Specifications, Source Requirements, and Expandability Plan
Effective design of electrical requirements early in the planning process may result in substantial reductions in electrical construction costs, unexpected power and equipment failures, and operational downtime. We will determine the electrical draws and electrical peaks of each attraction unit selected and develop a source grid that adequately supports the facility, while accounting for future equipment rotations in later periods. All measurements will be provided in country code-specific formats.

AEM Seven Springs Concept Plan


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