Frank Seninsky, President/CEO
Alpha-Omega Amusements and Sales, Inc.
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E-mail: fseninskyaem@gmail.com

President of all Alpha-Omega companies, Frank Seninsky possesses extensive business and engineering credentials.  He worked toward an MBA at Newark College of Engineering (now New Jersey Institute of Technology) and completed a multi-year Executive Development Program at Notre Dame University’s School of Business (1986-1990).  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Stevens Institute of Technology with a B.E. in Engineering & Computers in 1971.

Alpha-Omega was formed in 1969 with a $25 investment when Frank was a college sophomore.  Three years later, Frank entered the amusement industry full-time. Today, the firm is one of the largest amusement operations in the country.

During Frank’s 40 plus years in the leisure entertainment industry, he has presented nearly 450 seminars worldwide, addressing audiences in Russia, London, Dubai, among others. He has written more than 1,500 articles with many being translated into other languages by international trade magazines. He served as President of the Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA) from 1990-2000 and as President of the International Association for the Leisure & Entertainment Industry (IALEI ) from 2005-2006.

His columns regularly appear in magazines, blogs and white papers including Tourist Attractions & Parks, RePlay, Vending Times, PlayMeter and Bowling Center Management. Frank is co-regent for Foundations Entertainment University presenting multiple-day sessions throughout the world. He also produces the internationally acclaimed “The Redemption & FEC Report” an e-newsletter received by more than 42,000 readers.


Joe Camarota, Chief Operating Officer
Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales, Inc.
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Fax (732) 254-6223
E-mail: joeatwork@aol.com

Joe Camarota’s introduction to our Industry dates to 1973 when, as an undergraduate at Upsala College, NJ, he met Frank Seninsky while working at the Student Center game room. After graduating from Upsala with BA degrees in Political Science & Psychology, he started working full time at Alpha-Omega Amusements, Inc while completing coursework for his master’s degree. He earned his M.A. in Education from Seton Hall University in 1978. Joe focused his attention on developing Alpha’s route operation. In 1983, Joe acquired interest in Alpha-Omega and was appointed Secretary/Treasurer. He currently presides over Alpha-Omega as the COO and is a consultant with Amusement Entertainment Management.

Joe has a pulse of Industry trends because of his vast experience acquired through purchasing and consulting for a wide spectrum of operators, distributors, and manufacturers throughout the world. He utilizes his thorough analytical skills in mastering and understanding our Industry. He is constantly evaluating routes, supervising equipment procurement, while being active in the development, design, and testing of new games. Arguably one of the Industry’s most knowledgeable veterans, Joe is the driving force in guiding the operations of the Alpha-Omega companies. Camarota became an active member of AAMA in 2015. He was elected onto their Board of Directors in 2016 and appointed its President in 2019.

Joe has lived in South Brunswick Township, NJ since 1989. He has played an active and vital role in his community. In 2004, he was elected to the South Brunswick Township Council and has since served four consecutive terms. As of May 2018, Councilman Camarota was appointed Deputy Mayor. He has also served as the liaison to several Township based committees including: Recreation, Transportation, Economic Development. He has also actively contributed to legislation and the advancement of open space, farmland preservation, passive and active recreation, vehicular and pedestrian crossing concerns. Passionate about civic duty and responsibility, he has served on several non-profit boards and charities, along with being a recreation/travel coach for youth soccer and baseball during his residency in South Brunswick. He is currently the President of the HOA Board within the Community (Princeton Manor) he resides in.



Jerry Merola, Chief Financial Officer
Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales, Inc.
Phone (732) 254-3773
Fax (732) 254-6223
E-mail: profitwizz@aol.com

Jerry’s wealth of experience in financial markets, project and land development, budgeting, and risk management are recognized throughout the industry. He supervises the development and maintenance of one of the most comprehensive attractions databases available for the companies, allowing our clients to obtain real world performance results and earnings capability for virtually any entertainment component. Jerry is a monthly feature writer for PlayMeter Magazine and presents at many industry expos/meetings including Foundations Entertainment University.

For ten years prior to joining Alpha-Omega, Jerry worked in the commercial banking industry as vice president of one of the northeast’s largest commercial banks. He managed a team of lenders that controlled the bank’s Fortune 1000 client portfolio. He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in corporate and international finance from Fordham University and Fairleigh Dickinson University respectively.

Jerry also serves as a partner of Amusement Entertainment Management L.L.C.(AEM).  He remains focused on analyzing and enhancing the performance of the firm’s client portfolio, which has included developers, manufacturers, and facility owners throughout the world. His vast portfolio of feasibility studies, marketing plans, operation manuals, and funding programs includes leading corporations and facilities in the entertainment industry. He has performed business audits in almost all industry markets.

For over 40 years, Frank Seninsky, Joe Camarota and Jerry Merola have been combining their talents to provide industry recognized leadership in every aspect of project management, financing, feasibility, layout and design, amusement game and equipment distribution, sales, reconditioning, game zone (arcade) set-up and operations.

Their vast experience is sought out by trade associations and publications worldwide to provide insight as educational program speakers and industry writers. It is no surprise that our three senior top executives are recognized names in the family entertainment industry, having earned the respect of their peers and clients alike.


Joseph Camarota, Director of Operations & Sales
Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales, Inc.
Phone (732) 254-3773
Fax (732) 254-6223
E-mail: Joseph@alphaomegasales.com

Joseph’s career at Alpha Omega Amusements/Sales began in 1994 when he started working part time servicing the local route locations as well as reconditioning and repairing games at the corporate office. In 1997, Joseph decided to commit all his time and energy to Alpha Omega.  He quickly became an integral part of the Alpha-Omega Amusements/Sales team by immersing himself into every aspect of the operation.   He worked his way through each department and has managed the Merchandise Department, Dispatch, and the Parts and Service Department. In 2009, he became Director of Operations and completed his pursuit of a BS Degree in Business and Innovation.  In 2010, he was selected to train and supervise all of Alpha Omega Amusement/Sales installation and setup teams. This also included focusing on the ‘after sale’ by monitoring, reviewing, and analyzing all the game related earnings at each of these locations and furnishing them with a monthly report.  Having a deep commitment to our Industry, with a sense of obligation, his strong desire of ‘giving back’  was the impetus of him becoming an active member of AAMA in 2014. He now serves on the following committees:  Standardization, FEC,  Merchandise (subcommittee Chair), Payment Systems & Technology (subcommittee Chair).  In addition, starting in 2014, he began penning articles for some of our trade journals.


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