The Redemption & FEC Report #32 – Top Redemption & Merchandising Prizes

The Redemption & FEC Report #32 – Top Redemption & Merchandising Prizes


Here’s the Ticket!

The key to making money in this industry is to have prizes that the public wants and have high perceived values. Choosing the right prizes (and displaying them properly) takes guidance from people who spend full time in this sector and enjoy staying on top of the latest trends. The other key is to purchase these top prizes at fair prices.

Rhode Island Novelty’s Rubber Animals with Sound – Item #PA-SOMIX
Proven great option to plush at $1.05 each. Reports of crane gross over $100.00 on a weekend at bowling alley, gameroom and food store locations running at $1.00 a play, winner every 7-8 plays. Over 16 animal choices availabel as well as a pre-mix.

Rhode Island Novelty’s Back Room Storage Tip
Allow Rhode Island Novelty to assist you in maximizing your prize storage area. The photo at the right illustrates how to store over 64 prizes in a 16′ (w) x 4′ (d) x 8′ (h) space. The shelf boxes are the ‘magic ingredient’. Call a redemption sales person to discuss your needs so they can help you arrive at an easy solution.

Rhode Island Novelty Top 10

1. GW-MOBLU(Blue) – GW-MOOPI(Pink) – GW-MOOBL(Green) – Moon Blasters
2. EC-HENGR(Green) – EC-HENBL(Blue) – Headphones
3. DO-DOLDR – Doll Set
4. GA-WTOGA – 2 in 1 Wooden Toss Game
5. EL-TIELA – 13” Tie Dye Glitter Lamp
6. SB-RAI18 – 18” Rainbow Ball
7. SB-KNORB – 5” Rainbow Knobby Ball
8. PF-COC20 – 9.5” Cocoa the St. Bernard Plush
9. JB-DECBR – Decorator Bead Bracelet
10. GL-FOBAT – 15.5” Light-up Foam Baton

Visit their website at for more information, or call them at 800-528.5599.

Star Wars Merchandise
The new Star Wars movie, Episode 7, The Force Awakens, opens in theatres 12/18/15.  HMS Monaco has an extensive line of licensed Star Wars EP7 movie and classic merchandise including plush, inexpensive novelties, snapback hats, drinking cups, backpacks, etc.  There is much anticipation about this movie, and Hollywood insiders are predicting that it will be an incredible blockbuster.  Pre-sales for HMS have been off the charts, so we recommend that you call ASAP to place orders for timely delivery.

Emoji Merchandise – HMS is offering a wide ranging line of Emoji merchandise, featuring the emoticons that tweens, teens, and even adults are using to express their thoughts and emotions.  Included are plush pillows in several sizes, backpack clips, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, stickers, solar pets, and more.  We even have the Poop emoticon, the most popular style, in pillows and backpack clips.   We’re also offering prize kits packaged for use in cranes, hanging prize machines, rotaries, and 3″ and 4″ capsule dispensing games.

For more information, please call us at 800-777-0901 or visit


22162    I’m a “Princess” Tiara 3.5″ x 5.5″   
26156    The Selfie Stick Expands 12″ – 36″   
24554    Round Knobby Ball Asst. 5″   
25969    Rainbow Playground Ball 8.5″   
26007    Hoberman Ball (3 Asst.) 6.75″   
10168    Fun Dip (48 cnt)   
11525    Mini Gummy Sour Burgers (60 Cnt)   
21120    Pop Rocks – Strawberry (36 cnt)   
22927    Jumbo Big Gummy Bear (6 Cnt) 3.75″   
23713    Twisted Ring Pops Asst. (24 cnt)
33892    Giant Pixy Stix Asst. (85 cnt) 15″   
11097    Dinosaurs (12 Asst.) 5.5″   
25560    Super Soft Mystical Dragon 9″   
23985    GID Blaster 21″    Flying    1   
25856    Turbo Copter Launcher 11″   
20190    World Champion Safety Dart Game 16″   
20745    Basketball & Hoop Set 15.5″ x 12.5″
25612    Wooden Kendama 6.5″   
33729    Despicable Me Game of Life 10.5″   
33733    Operation Despicable Me 10.5″   
33739    Monopoly- The Legend of Zelda 16″   
22291    Goblet with Embedded Straw 9.5″   
24517    Light-up Saber w/ Sound 25″
20230    Whoopee Cushion 8″   
20269    Animal Pinchers Asst. 18″
25607    Jumbo Kazoo 8″   
30326    Jelly Color Pin Art
20718    Tooting Toilet Putty 2.5″ x 3.5″
29500    SurePrize Bag 7″ X 11″
10002    Army Men 1.75″
10031    Neon Goofy Teeth 2″
10234    Alien Parachuter 1.25″   
20439    Championship Yo-Yo 2.25″
21469    Hot Wheels Basic D/C Car Asst. 2.25″
21227    Die Cast P/B Classic Plane 5″

26299    Disney Minnie Mouse Plush Coin Purse 4″   
34005    Disco Headphones   
26312    Puzzle Ball 6″    Balls   
26245    Pez Star Wars Assortment (12 cnt)   
26336    Star Wars Projector Pop (6 Cnt)   
26338    Candy Bricks (12 Cnt)   
26341    Star Wars Sipper Cups   
33594    Licensed Pop Bobble – Star Wars – Yoda 4″   
26288    Batman Bendable Figure 5.5″   
26162    Mini Basketball & Hoop Set 7″   
26297    Disney Frozen Jumbo Card Game 6″   
26369    Star Wars Theater Tumbler   
26365    Mood Emotion Rings   
33810    Despicable Me Inflatable Minion R/C 24″   
33872    Mini R/C Submarine 4″   
33980    Skymasters (2.4 Ghz) Drone 6″   
26293    My Little Pony Diary & Pen Set 7″   
26160    Jumbo Army Men 4.75″   
26254    Shopkins (2 Pk) Series 3 -Styles May Vary   
26348    Softee Dough (10 Pcs) Super Set   
26249    Matchbox Jurassic World 1:64 Asst.   

For more information, call 888.887.8738 or visit 

TRR-FEC #32 – Top Redemption & Merchandising Games

TRR-FEC #32 – Top Redemption & Merchandising Games

Here’s the Ticket!

The Top 60 Redemption & Merchandiser Games Combined List is put together from actual collections from games owned and operated by Alpha-Omega Amusements at three locations so I know that the data is correct and is not changed in any way. The purpose of the List is for you to see where your current games place or rank and see where other games that you do not have would rank in your facility. The List also gives you the information to see trends, see which games are cannibalized when a new game is introduced, and helps you stay on top of your game. Video games are not included but TRR now shows Jurassic Park and Typhoon Lagoon, as these are the best two video games in the industry.

Top 60 Redemption & Merchandise Games – Combined
TRR has compiled the Top 60 Redemption & Top 15 Merchandise Dispensing Games that Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales currently has at one of its locations. Included in the ranking is an Apple Photo Booth and an Air Hockey game. There were 80 games in operation at this particular location at the time of this report.

Newest Games are Highlighted in Yellow

Rank # Top 60 Combined Merchandise Dispensing Rank #
1 Wizard of Oz 6 Pl    
2 Monster Drop Extreme    
3 Knock It Off Rotary 2 Pl w/Tickets
Knock It Off Rotary w/Tickets 1
4 Mega Triple Crane – 1 Bay Tickets
Mega Triple Crane 2
5 SpongBob Pineapple Arcade 2 Pl    
6 Mega Stacker
Mega Stacker 3
7 Big Bass Wheel Dlx #2    
8 Ticket Monster

9 Big Bass Wheel Dlx #1
10 Ticket Candy Crane Ticket Candy Crane 4
11 Monster Crane 
Monster Crane 5
12 Fishbowl Frenzy
13 Crossy Road

14 Grand Piano Keys  
15 Whack n Win    
16 Magic Shot
Magic Shot 6
17 Ocean Pearl     
18 Snow Down 2 Pl    
19 Space Ballz 
20 Pharoahs Treasure 4 Player
21 Deal or No Deal Dlx
NOTE: Typhoon Lagoon Video Ranks Here  
22 Down the Clown #1
23 Gold Fishing 
24 Down the Clown #2
25 Kung Fu Panda  
26 Harpoon Lagoon 4 Pl    
27 Crank It 2 Pl     
28 Color Match 
Color Match 7
29 Mega Double Crane  Mega Double Crane 8
30 Treasure Quest
31 Giga Crane 1 Pl   Giga Crane 1 Pl 9
32 Milk Jug #1    
33 Big Choice 2 Pl  Big Choice 2 Pl 10
34 Black Hole
35 Gear It Up 2 Pl
36 Spin N Win 4′     
37 Key Catcher #2 Key Catcher #2 11
38 Monopoly 1 Pl Videmption    
39 Full Tilt
40 Photo Booth Apple Saphire
41 Wheel Deal 3 Pl
42 Wheel Deal Extreme 4 Pl
43 Prize Locker
44 Sink It B
45 Wheel of Fortune DLX
46 Mighty Mini
Mighty Mini 13
47 Candy Crush
48 Plants vs. Zombies
49 Flying Tickets
50 Milk Jug #2    
51 Sink It A 
52 Air Hockey #1
53 X-Prize
X-Prize 14
54 Barrel of Monkeys
55 Pink Panther
56 Key Catcher #1  Key Catcher #1  15
57 Pinatas    
58 Q-Bert
59 Crazy Curves 

60 Crank It

Test Location #2 – 20 Games Total

Newest Games are Highlighted in Yellow

Rank # Top 60 Combined Merchandise Dispensing Rank #
1 SpongBob Pineapple
2 Monster Drop Extreme    
3 Fishbowl Frenzy    
4 Knock It Off Rotary 2 Pl w/Tickets Knock It Off Rotary w/Tickets 1
5 Giga Triple Crane
Giga Triple Crane 2
6 Big Bass Wheel Dlx    
7 Gold Fishing
8 X-Prize X-Prize 3
9 Giant Stacker
Giant Stacker 4
10 Down the Clown #2    
11 Dizzy Chicken
12 Spin N Win    
13 Big Choice Double Crane

14 Down the Clown #1

15 Ticket Monster
16 Grand Piano Keys
17 Monster Crane
Monster Crane
18 Ticket Candy Crane Ticket Candy Crane 7
19 Mega Double Crane  Mega Double Crane 8
20 Deal or No Deal Dlx    

TRR-FEC #32 – Technical & Operational Tips

TRR-FEC #32 – Technical & Operational Tips

Ask Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky

Here’s the Ticket!

Service and modification tips are great time and parts savers and also help increase game revenues. If any of our reader technicians have a tip, please email it to Frank the Crank at Be sure to include your name, title, and facility. All tips are much appreciated.

Super-Sized 3-Stack Ticket Bins for Pushers ‘Gold Coast’ and ‘Elvis’ Takes 5 Minutes
(Ray Dachik, Alpha-Omega Amusements)

Our company, Alpha-Omega Amusements, continues to operate token pusher games because this category still generates a huge percentage of our total revenues. Many facilities have opted to go ticketless and pushers do not earn well without tickets. For those who work with high volume pushers, the higher the ticket capacity, the less times during the week we techs have to load tickets. Take a look at pictures (before and after) and see the difference that 2 extra stacks of ticket capacity can make! The original one stack ticket bin looks so anemic.

My experiment with the super-sized tilted ticket bins is progressing since the initial success with our Atlantis pusher that I wrote about in the July-Aug Redemption Report. On the second 3-stack ticket bin I installed in the Gold Coast pusher, I trimmed off 1” and was able to ‘tilt’ it into the Gold Coast cabinet fairly easily. On the first attempt I found it necessary to cut a 2” wide notch on an interior wooden cross member of the cabinet (composite wood 3/4”x 4”) to allow the un-trimmed 3-stack tilted bin to pass through. The notch is not necessary if the angle of the support bracket is reduced by 20 degrees.  I am going to use one of the six 3-stack bins that came with my Monster Drop (this bin is not necessary so our company can save $20) to finish off the Gold Coast 3 & 4 player positions and see if I can do it without cutting any notches in the cabinet or trimming the 3-stack ticket bins.
Persistence pays off. The Gold Coast upgrade modification just became infinitely easier. Forget about notching and trimming to make the 3 stack ticket bin fit. Just straighten out the upside J- hook on the 3-stack bin, bend it to a 45 degree angle, drill a hole thru it and screw it to that wooden cross member. The 3-stack bin will hang tilted just like in the picture but without the need for a support bracket. The bottom corner of the bin simply rests on the floor of the cabinet. It’s a 5-minute job tops!
The results of my adventures prove that you can convert Atlantis and Elvis pushers to 2-stack ticket bins in each bay and Gold Coast can handle 3-bin stacks.  Each bin change would cost about $20. Benchmark sells 3-bin stacks for $19.95 (part# THSHM002). This is the same bin that the Benchmark Monster Drop (all models) uses.

“Rules Technicians Live By”
“Don’t upgrade or start working on your Top 10 earning “working” games on a Thursday or Friday, unless they are down. Wait till Monday.  You may not get them back up for the weekend!”

Down the Clown-Stop Gate From Not Fully Closing and Balls Getting Stuck
(Dave Forlano, Alpha-Omega Amusements)

Frequently I would pass by my two Down the Clown games and notice guests tossing balls when there is zero time remaining on the clock.  The Gate was stuck open…Again!
The 2 piece Butterfly Gate would wedge a ball while opening at the start of a game or while attempting to close at the end of a game.  The clowns reset automatically if a game is in play or not.  This helps present a “ready to go/play” draw.  When the Gate does not close the balls are now FREE to be thrown indefinitely.  No tickets are won but the game is still a lot of fun for guests.
The first picture shows a wedged ball in the “tunnel”–this can happen on either side.

Simple Fix. Loosen the Allen Bolt (arrow is pointing to the gap between the two boards) on both sides and simply place a wedge, washer or spacer between the two boards and re-tighten.  Leave enough space for balls to not “rub” the top of tunnel at the sides. The game comes with an upper board clearance spacing of 3 inches.  I increased the space to 3-1/2 inches and the balls never jam or prevent the Gate from closing.

Another Down the Clown problem to easily solve is blocking “exposed wiring / motor”  that are in direct fire from balls being thrown at our clown targets.   You can see that previously I had to reattach/splice some wiring.   Where the arrow is pointing you can attach a “blocker” with a 3 inch sheet rock screw.  What worked best for me using was a spare Clown Ball with a screw through it blocking errant shots. Ideally you can use a block of colorful wood.  One drawback to using a Clown Ball is customers sometimes think a ball is stuck up there and they ask me to remove it.

TRR-FEC #32 – Breaking News 2

TRR-FEC #32 – Breaking News 2

More Redemption & Videmption Updates (Kevin Williams, KWP)

Here’s the Ticket!

Major developments hitting the technology approach to redemption, first with the popularity of Video-Redemption (coined as Videmption) continues to see new launches.  Canadian based Adrenaline Amusement launched their latest title with ‘Crossy Road’ – this game uses a vast 65’’ vertical monitor to create a 3D retro-take rethink of the classic game ‘Frogger’. This game is based on the highly popular mobile game app developed by Hipster Whale, given a Videmption treatment for two-players.  Bay Tek’s latest development of the 50 million download of the game app ‘Flappy Bird’ has seen the popular playing narrative transformed into a colorful merchandiser with the release ‘Flappy Bird Merchandiser’ – with this development the company announced that they had been awarded permission to sell and operate the game in the US State of Washington – this agreement a pivotal development in this form of skill based games for the amusement sector.

With the explosion in interest in Kid-tainment (children based amusement), the industry has taken a major step with the development of one of the largest applications of an interactive kiddie ride game platform. UNIS has launched their impressive train-ride shooting game ‘Bandit Express’. Accommodating 8-players at a time, riding two per ride car traversing the oval track, shooting at both mechanical targets and the two main HD screens displaying targets in a cartoon shooting gallery style. The game created as a successor to the traditional kiddie-ride, offers redemption tickets for player’s skill – the first of a new genre of kiddie ride / interactive attractions.

A little bit of history repeating – with the classic arcade game ‘Galaga’ getting the Videmption treatment comes the announcement of the new BANDAI NAMCO title ‘Galaga Assault’. Developed by Raw Thrills this unique 42’’ display cabinet recreates the vintage top-down shooting action of the classic in a video-redemption package. The highly decorated upright cabinet builds on the previous successful formula seen with the original 2013 release of a classic amusement title placed into a Videmption package with ‘Pac-Man Chomp Mania’.

The need to entertain a much more digitally sophisticated younger audience has seen a number of new concepts. Most recently Barron Games International added to their game library their latest kiddie game ‘Dolphin Star Interactive’. This ride-on interactive video game aimed at a children age base sees players riding colorful dolphins while competing on screen in simplistic networked play. A simple game narrative offering a new level of engagement for the children audience.

FEU Graduates 20 in Class 37

Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) hosted Class 37 in Irving, Texas, Oct. 13-15 at the Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel. The class included 13 attending sponsors and 20 graduates who came from eight states plus Brazil and the U.K. Class 37 included an even mix of attendees who are working on new projects in the design and development stage, facilities that have been in business for several years and are planning upgrades and expanding, and game vendors wanting to learn more about the FEC industry. Project categories included bowling, casinos, children’s centers, laser tag, and water parks. Facility sizes ranged from 10,000 square feet to 80,000 plus square feet.

Jerry Johnston, President of the Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA), and Kelly Bednar of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) sat in on the full program to gain more industry knowledge and to evaluate FEU for possible future participation in their own association’s educational programs.

Co-regent Frank Seninsky of Alpha-Omega Amusements and AEM, said, “This group was very serious about the industry. Seeing more existing FECs attending FEU validates that even veterans can improve their business and realize that they need to learn how new players are continually raising the bar. They all came away with how important it is for the owners to take an active role in learning and overseeing every aspect of the business.”

Pictured Above Right: Frank Seninsky, Amusement Entertainment Management, and Jerry Johnston, AMOA President, during the 1 on 1 sessions.

Attendee Keith Daniels of Rigby’s Entertainment Complex in Georgia, said, “I have attended multiple conferences since entering the entertainment business and I found FEU to be the most informative and influential conference to date.” Stacey Niedfeldt of Kansas said, “FEU has solidified some decisions and promoted changes to the plan based on the speakers’ knowledge and their desire to see everyone succeed.” For more information about FEU, visit (

Pictured Above: FEU Class #37

The Redemption & FEC Report #32 – Top Redemption & Merchandising Prizes

TRR-FEC #32 – Breaking News

SpongeBob Pineapple, Angry Birds Arcade, and Quik Drop—3 Newest Games in Top 10 Rankings

Here’s the Ticket!

We are very fortunate to be in the position of testing so many of the new prototype test games and being first in line to get newly released games.  SpongeBob Pineapple (Andamiro) has been our most popular new game for the past 3 months and ranks in the Top 5 in every facility we have installed it. TRR covered this game in detail in the July-August Report.

Our first Angry Birds Arcade (Play Mechanix/ICE) videmption game was installed 10-13-15 because all 77 Dave & Busters had the exclusive on this game over the summer through Labor Day.   For the past 2 weeks it has ranked #11 and then #10 at our #1 Test Location.  Through the use of an encased slingshot/plunger, the player launches a foam ball ‘into’ the back screen.  Angry Birds has one of the biggest names in mobile gaming and their merchandising brand is still very strong.

Just as we completed the ranking reports for TRR Sept-Oct, Quik Drop (Bay-Tek) was installed on 10-21 at $2/play. For its 1st week Quik Drop ranked #4. The object of the game is to use a single button to time the drop of each of 50 balls from a vertical shaft within a programmed amount of time (we set it at 22 seconds) into the five buckets that are located on the rotating playfield to hit the Jackpot.  There is also an optional Max game time setting that kicks in to extend play if the player is not very skilled.  We chose 3 additional seconds or 25 Max game time for this setting and were able to average a 30% ticket/e-credit payout. This concept of helping those players who are not having a good game play experience is nice to see make a comeback.  I first experienced this type of feature back in the 1950s when playing pinball as a very young child.  If a ball did not score anything as it rolled down the playfield between the flippers, that ball would not count and you got to shoot another pinball.  That was most likely one of the prime reasons why I fell in love with pinball and got into this wonderful industry.

These are the top 3 new games that everyone going to IAAPA should make sure to see and play.  Other top earning games that TRR has recently covered:  Fishbowl Frenzy, Crossy Road, Whac-N Win, Grand Piano Keys, and Magic Shot (replacing I-Cube) are all worth considering if you do not yet have them.

Go to Test Games Report and Top 60 Games Sections for complete revenue and ranking details.

New Nevada Law Permits Casinos to Include Skill-Based Game Play in Gambling Machines

Here’s the Ticket!

The recently passed Nevada bill (SB9) allows casinos in that state to incorporate skill elements and other amusement game attributes into all types of gambling machines. In a nutshell it means that gaming machines can have variable-payback win percentages that are based on both chance and the player’s skill. The gaming industry is now pushing this type of legislation in each of the 40 states that offer some type of casino gaming.

What this could mean?
This law is a very important step forward for the casino industry, an industry that has not be able to affectively attract and retain the millennials (those born early 1980’s to early 2000’s) who grew up playing video games. This group and their young children is also very critical to the family entertainment center industry. Skill tournament games like Golden Tee and Big Buck Hunter also now may have serious competition from the gaming industry that is much better equipped to handle tournament and prize game experiences. The amusement industry is completely based on skill based play and any time chance can be quantified, there are always legal challenges to keep chance to a minimum.  I say this because there is enough evidence to show that some small element of chance is involved in any physical action on Earth and 100% skill is not a reality (but 99% is possible).

In addition Nevada and 4 other states have recently banned fantasy sports (60 million players) such as FanDuel and DraftKings and now requires them to obtain gaming licenses if they wish to reopen in Nevada. The growing consumer demand for transparency in the daily and weekly fantasy pools will lead to having the fantasy sports sites properly tested and certified.  In fact GLI, the global leader in testing gaming machines and online gaming systems in 475 global jurisdictions, has already presented a white paper on fantasy sports listing the benefits of proper certification and the necessary steps required to have the websites analyzed.  The white paper can be downloaded for free at This means that the debate over whether fantasy sports is a game of skill or is gambling is really no longer so important.  It certainly looks like fantasy sports will continue and be regulated by the gaming industry. The next step is for the gaming industry to look at is to establish a model for players to compete in daily and weekly pools but without the traditional sports fix and expand the player base to hundreds of millions.

The recent Global Gaming Expo (G2E) event saw the gaming and casino industry fire direct attacks against the amusement and redemption sector. Along with the presentation of Space Invaders and Frogger (expected to attract baby boomers) in skill-gaming packages including bonus skill rounds, there is also development in this sector for games like Guitar Heroes that offers skill gaming features and compelling repeat play elements. The danger seems to be that that the entry of the gaming trade to skill based gaming could see the traditional amusement trade losing further market share.

Photos supplied by InterGame

While the amusement trade battles the issues of Adult Arcades and looks for states to expand operator involved gaming (both are valid initiatives), the gaming industry is also looking for a way to control or regulate virtual sports tournaments and incorporate them into their core business.
In just a few short months the gaming industry has made great progress in gaining back market share, all at the expense of the amusement and FEC industry. It was my original hope that our industry would benefit from working closely with and incorporating new skill-based ideas from the gaming industry to produce appealing redemption and merchandising games.  That is still my hope. At least some amusement game manufacturers will obtain some great licensing deals.

In conclusion, take a look below at what a casino of the future may look like.  It looks a lot like our current top FEC’s: