1969-First machine (pinball) North Star placed at Frank’s fraternity house Beta Theta Pi. Frank & Rich form partnership. Frank is a sophmore at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, Rich is a sophmore in high school.

1970-First College Game Room-Stevens Institute of Technology

1972-First Arcade on the New Jersey Shore opened Wizard’s World, Long Branch, NJ

1973-Joe Camarota starts working with Frank Seninsky at Upsale College as a student

1975-Alpha-Omega, inc. is formed.

1978-First Arcade In Wildwood, NJ-  Lucky Casino

1979-Frank elected President of AMOANJ and serves 4 years

1983-Alpha-Omega Sales is formed

1984-Rich Seninsky leaves.  Joe assumes Rich’s Secretary/Treasurer position.

1994-Alpha-Omega purchases present site, 18,600 sq. ft (12 Elkins Road, East Brunswick, NJ)

1994-Alpha-Bet Entertainment is formed. 1994

1995-Jerry Merola starts.

1998-Amusement Entertainment Management is created

1998-AEM’s first consulting job was for Hamstead Group to build 3 Malibu Grand Prix pocket parks Texas, California, and Georgia

1999-Alpha-Omega becomes one of the 11 founding members of IALEI

2002-Frank is elected to the IALEI Board of Directors and serves 8 years

2005-Frank is elected President of IALEI

2011-The Redemption & FEC Report is created

2015-Frank the Crank Blog with Yaroslav Sobko is created

2015 -Joe becomes an active member of AAMA

2015-Joseph Camarota III becomes an active member of AAMA


Amusement Entertainment Management The Redemption Report Advertising advertisement

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